Saturday, June 21, 2008

The floods in Iowa are receeding

The waters are moving downriver on their quest for the sea, the next stage in the never-ending water cycle. The media cameras have followed and are covering the scramble in Missouri to shore up the levees and move possessions to higher ground.

Left behind is mud — mud and the pieces of lives that will slowly but surely be put back together. I can't watch the news at night without hurting for those who have lost their earthly possessions but with one voice echo the thought that "we have our family, and that's what counts."

It is the people around us that ultimately matter. I wish we, as Americans, were more aware of that when we aren't facing disaster.


Tori said...

It's so sad and so understated. It's simply amazing how many people were effected but this whole thing.
How sad.

Sarah D. said...

I like the new look!

Mirella said...

Good words.