Thursday, July 10, 2008

Something happened to me after I turned 40

If you had known me before 2001, I was a different person. I was shy and very insecure. I don't know why. I struggled with it for years. If I was in a store and couldn't find what I needed, I would leave without finding it rather than ask. It was pretty pathetic.

Then I turned 40. I don't know if something just snapped into place or what, but it seems that overnight, I lost that feeling of panic when talking to others. I'm not afraid to ask for things anymore. Not long ago, I was in a grocery store and spoke to a total stranger. As we walked away, my daughter Wendy asked me, "Who are you and what did you do with my mother?" In my 30's, I would never have taken a position as a temp. That would have been torture for me. Yet, now I did it and I loved it.

I like the new me more. I just wished that I had figured this out years ago.


Susan said...

I wish a "new me" would come out too! LOL I love to talk to people, but I'm always so scared that I might be bothering them or they might think I'm weird or something that I am afraid to make the first step toward them. I'm also afraid to ask for something if I need it, and hate to call strangers on the phone . . . all because I'm insecure. Drives Wes crazy! So I know where you've been, at least. Now if I could just get over this insecurity!

Terri said...

The phone was a big problem for me until just the past couple of years. Just let the Lord do His work in His time.

Starla said...

So there is hope for me. I can comment on some one's blog. But if I met you in the real world I would be totally different.

apronstringsandothertiesthatbind said...

"All in God's timing", Terri. I'm glad for you and can't imagine you as you were before.

Susan...we're ALL weird. Never let that fear hold you back. :D


Tori said...

I remember you before and I think you were a very nice shy person. :0)

Being on furlough and a missionary and all I was forced to overcome my shyness. I used to be the same way, when I would speak to someone I would get all tongue tied and look like an idiot.

Well I guess since it gets better after 40 then maybe I can look forward to a career in public speaking, not!

Have a great weekend Terri!