Friday, May 23, 2008

No Walk Today

We are in the midst of a beautiful, soaking Spring rain.

I awoke early this morning to the soothing sounds of the splashing water and the fresh smell of the cleansing shower. I opened my home office door and took these shots from the stoop.

I have plenty to keep me busy. I'm sewing some fancy stitches on some burp towels for my coming granddaughter, Emma. And, of course, I have the nursery quilt to work on.

However, before I do any of that, much to my shame, I have several days of dishes awaiting me in the sink. Don't tell, okay?

1 comment:

Starla said...

OH dishes, I hate them. LOL!!! I am going to marry a man that has a dishwasher or he is the dishwasher. LOL!!!! Hope you have a Happy Memorial Day.