Thursday, May 29, 2008

My New Neighbors

Meet my new neighbors! I saw him in the neighborhood earlier this week and wondered if he was just visiting or if they had moved in nearby. I knew if I saw his woman, that they were probably here to stay. Yesterday, I saw him again and he was chasing some unwanted visitors away. I knew then she couldn't be very far away.

This morning, there they were.

She's a little harder to spot, but she was only a couple of feet away from him.

Welcome to my neighborhood!


Anonymous said...

How funny! My morning blog entry pertained to feathered friends who had taken up residence at our place. Ours are wrens, but we have an abundance of Cardinals, too. Terri, I'm loving your blog!


Terri said...

I'm glad you are enjoying it, Judy! I am enjoying writing it!