Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back Door Visitor

I've been thinking about all of my friends and family that I keep in touch with primarily through the Internet. Many, if not most of them, I've met in person and we have real-time relationships. But almost all of them live too far away to visit often.

I wish that were not true. I wish each one of you could make your way up my back steps and knock on this door. I'd welcome you in and laughingly apologize for the few dishes in the sink. I'd move my quilt materials to one side on the kitchen table so we could sit down and enjoy a big glass of iced sweet tea, or we could make our way into the living room and sit down and chat.

I know we'd laugh. We could talk about our families and our lives without worrying about spell-check. All too soon, it would be time to part again, but both of us would treasure the memory of an afternoon spent with a friend.

Back door friends are best.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Terri!

I love your blog...
your photos are fabulous.
Love the Wordless Wednesday...
the nature shots are wonderful.
I can't praise your talent enough.