Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Some more things that say home

These are a few more things that remind me of home.


This is Wendy in the bluebonnets when she was two. (She's twenty-two now.)

I love ladybugs and bluebonnets so this is one of my favorites.


What a funny creature and what an imagination God has. We were at church camp one summer, in an open air tabernacle, and while the preacher was preaching we heard a rustling in the brush outside. We looked over and there was an armadillo, looking for food, acting as if there weren't 200 humans just 10 feet away.

And finally, Blue Bell Ice Cream.

I found out today that I can have 4 half-gallons delivered for $119. I wonder if Mark would get mad?


Tori said...

Oh I forgot BlueBell!!!

Anonymous said...

$119.00 for 2 gallons of ice cream...I could drive it too you for less than that. Lesli