Friday, April 25, 2008


How can someplace be home when you haven't lived there for 18 years? It's that place where, even though it's flat and dry, the environment is friendly and welcoming. The place where no matter how long it's been since you've laid eyes on it, you can close your eyes and see every detail. When you walk into the grocery store, the people are speaking your native tongue. (Believe me, Texan is not spoken in the Midwest.) The burning sun just feels different on your skin and the smells fill you with familiarity. You enter a church service and sit in a pew that you only sit in maybe once a year and yet it feels like you've never left.

I am 100% content to live wherever it is God leads. Actually, I can't imagine living in Texas again, but I sure am glad that I get to visit.

Oh, and a side rant . . . That Texas tourism commercial has been translated into English. In actual Texan, it's a whole "nother" country, not a whole other country.


Jungle Mom said...

You won!

Jane said...

That is so true Terri. Dave and I have talked about that many times. When we go into Wal-mart at HOME..that everyone looks familiar. Funny!