Monday, April 28, 2008

Suggestions, Please!

These are pictures of our church auditorium and platform. It needs help. It doesn't look terrible, but first impressions are important. Any suggestions for making this room look more welcoming would be appreciated — a lot. We don't have much money. (Actually the church doesn't have any money, but my family can come up with a little.) We live in a pretty affluent little town and we don't want visitors to be taken aback by our facilities.

This is the view from the pulpit.

This is the platform. (The flowers change according to the season.)

Oh, and this is my sweetie teaching adult Sunday School. (Isn't he cute?)


Sarah D. said...

I'm wondering if a warmer color of paint on the walls might help, rather than a stark white?

Tori said...

It seems a bit dark as most churches do because of all the wood. Hmm, maybe if you painted the front wall only with a warmer, coffee sorta color. Hmm, I really don't know, it looks good to me.

Oh and yes your sweetie is cute, you both make a very sweet couple!