Monday, April 14, 2008

Church Planting

For almost 19 years my husband has been a church planter in the United States. He has either taken small, struggling churches and tried to rebuild them or started a church from scratch in an area that did not have a strong Baptist church.

One of the funniest stories we tell is the services when our daughter was young and no one would show up at church but our family — the three of us. We still had church. We sang the hymns and Wendy and I sat and listened to the sermon my husband preached. But, on more than one occasion, we hit a snag. Our little girl, who was still a preschooler, didn't always want to sit still. So, what do parents do when a child acts up in church? You take her out, talk to her, discipline her if necessary, and bring her back in, right? Now imagine, that when you take her out, the preacher is left preaching to no one.

So, my sweetheart, would just pause the sermon, wait for us to come back in, and finish preaching!

Ah, the life of a church planter.


Tori said...

That's funny Terri. I can just see that happening.

BTW, I love the new look! Very cute!

Diane Cardot said...

That would be an interesting service to attend. I am thankful that you and your husband are faithfully serving the Lord.