Thursday, April 10, 2008

The bad with the good

It seems like I've been looking forward to Spring forever. Now that it's here, I remember the bad stuff — in this case, the dangerous stuff. (I'm one of those strange people who absolutely love a good ol' raucous storm!) I'm not belittling the power of nature, nor the pain of those who are affected by the storms, but the good stuff always comes with bad.

How many of you longed for the birth of your first child, and then within weeks, longed for a whole night's sleep?

How many of you were thrilled with your first car, then realized you had to pay to change the oil?

And how many of you prayed the Lord would not return until you got married and then muttered about the socks that you knight in shining armor left on the floor? For better and for worse, huh?

I know it seems trite, but the good is only made better by the bad. The rain and the storms are going to bring us a beautiful, lush green spring full of flowers.


Alesha said...

Terri, I am delighted to have been found by you, too!!!!! I just read a few of your posts, and have been encouraged. You really have a way with words, and turning each thought toward the Lord.

I look forward to getting all caught up with you!

Drop by my site anytime!

Sarah D. said...

So true, Terri! So true!