Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Already?

Here it is the weekend and I haven't blogged at all since Monday… you probably didn't even miss me. The first couple of weeks of any semester are always a little more frantic for me. This semester I have a professor who is, well, a little different than most I have had. In fairness, she is not originally from the United States and so it is probable that the difficulty I am having grasping her expectations are a cultural communication gap. I'm figuring it out but I've had to devote a little more time that I expected just to setting up the assignments.

My coworker at the clinic was on vacation all week so that left me (almost) solo for the first time. Some other things have come up in the course of the week.

All of the absence excuses aside, I have a question (or two) for the couple of you who read here. My main purpose for finishing school has been that I really think God is going to have me write a couple of books. One will be a memoir of sorts of my mother tentatively titled My Mother was a Pigeon. She was mentally ill but life was never boring and there are so many things to learn from her.

Beyond that, I have a couple of ideas tumbling around in my head. (It's a wide open space up there so there is plenty of room for ideas to move about.) Of the following ideas, which one(s) would you read?

A book for pastors' wives: Big Hair and Piano Playing not Required (encouragement for those of us who don't fit the "image")
A book for parents: My Kid's in the Far Country, What Now? (how to cope when your child goes astray)
A book for everyone: It's Too Far From Your Heart to Kill You (The difference between a mishap and a sorrow)

So what do you think?


Alesha said...

Ok, I probably wouldn't pick up either of the first 2 titles, simply because they don't apply to me. BUT I might consider them as gifts for other people.

The third one, I would definitely pick up and read the back cover, simply because I'm not sure I understand the premise of the title. It sounds interesting.

HOWEVER, it sounds to me like you already have 3 very good and distinctly different ideas for books! Why can't you write all three???

There can never be TOO many good books out there!

And I would positively read your book about your mom. The title is perfect and I would be sucked into it by the first paragraph, I'm sure!:-)

God bless you with your dreams and plans, and don't wait to get started on these. Start right away as the Lord gives you the words.

Have a happy Sunday!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Hi Terri!
Saw your comment on my blog and wanted to come and "meet" you!

The title of the first for pastor's me tickled! That's a catchy title! I love it!

And the second one about your kids going astray....well,I know lots of folks who would be interested in that!

Have you already had some books published? I have not read your other blogs yet so don't really know much about your background. Just curious.

Hope to hear from you again.


Terri said...

I haven't had any books published yet. I've had an essay published in a college textbook and a few devotions published in a Christian magazine and a book. Glad you stopped by!

Jane said...

I want to read all three!!! HeeHee...Actually, the second one would more than likely be the most popular. Of course I would prefer the one for pastor's wives b/c I are one!

Susan said...

I'd read the pastor's wife one, just because that's what I am. And although I do play the piano, I don't have big hair - love the title! LOL

Tori said...

Oh I would definantly read this one: Big Hair and Piano Playing not Required (encouragement for those of us who don't fit the "image")

and this one: My Kid's in the Far Country, What Now?

Oh and the pigeon one too. They all sound like wonderful books and I love the titles.

Oh btw, you weren't thinking of a particular IBFI family when you came up with the Big hair and piano playing title were you??

Terri said...

"Oh btw, you weren't thinking of a particular IBFI family when you came up with the Big hair and piano playing title were you?"

I'll never tell! ;)

Margie said...

I like them all... GO FOR IT!!!