Monday, August 16, 2010

Some things I've seen

A few weeks ago, my Hero and I set out on an adventure. We were driving around in east/central rural Illinois looking for an ancestors grave. As it turns out the tiny cemetery is on private land and we haven't been able to contact the landowners yet but we know where it is now.

While we were driving around we saw this:

Fogottonia, USA! Isn't that funny? I'm not a city girl even though I married a city boy and I've lived in the city for the past 30 years. My heart is "where the blacktop ends." I've said for years that my dream home would sit on 20 acres somewhere that you had to be going to my house to get there. I would love to live in Forgottonia, USA but the city boy I married would go crazy. So I go in adventures in the country and take pictures.

How about you? Would you rather live in the city or in Forgottonia?


Jane said...

I'd definitely be sittin' up shop in the city!! I was born a country girl but got to the city as fast as I could!

fancystitching said...

I DO live there! Kinda... I'm down a tiny LA dirt road between two very tiny towns. I LOVE the peace and quiet. We do have neighbors nearby, but that is a comfort in many ways today. This is MUCH better than living on the side of a very-busy highway, which is what we moved from 3 years ago. I really wondered how I would like living in the "sticks", but I love it. Downfall... must plan trips to town (35 mile round trip) carefully, keep a running list, etc. But even that is nice in a way... it helps me manage my time better if we know we are heading to town a certain day.


Barbara said...

wow funny name, never seen it, hugs I do live two miles up the road where the pavement ends, giggles lots of dust here too, and when it rains losts of muck, hugs and blessings, will trade ya, Barbara