Monday, March 24, 2008

My Vacation

My sweet honey and I had the best time on our vacation. First we drove to Michigan to attend church with a friend that I met on a Christian ladies bulletin board. Even though it was the first time we met in person, I feel like I've known her forever. Her husband is a pastor like mine. We had a wonderfully sweet time of fellowship.

Mark and I also had a wonderful time just the two of us hanging out. We laughed at things along the highway and I read to him while he drove. It left us so relaxed and refreshed.

On Monday, we headed to the Chicago area. Since 1982 we have been attending the annual Pastors' School at First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana. I think Mark has only missed 3 times. I missed a few more because of children and illness.

The services were powerful. I am still assimilating all of the teaching from the daily sessions.

The theme for this year's school was "If I Be Lifted Up" and the emphasis was honoring

I don't know what my children and grandchildren will remember about me, but I work and hope and pray that they remember that I loved Jesus.

Pastors' School ended on Thursday night. On Friday, Mark and I slept in. We were staying at the prophet's chamber at a church. The pastor is one of Mark's best friends. After we got up, Mark spent some time with his friend and we played about 15 games of carpet ball. (I was the only girl, but I won the tournament!)

We at lunch at one of the best Chinese food restaurants in the Chicago area. I don't usually get excited about Chinese, but I love eating at Gum Wah! Friday evening, we went shopping and out to eat. I found a bargain book store at the mall — look out!!!

Then we took our time and drove home on Saturday, rested and revived! Who can ask for more?


Tori said...

Wow it sounds like you'll had a wonderful time. I have many friends who go to Pastor's school but we've never been, never had time.

Carpet ball??

Glad your home and had a good time!

Terri said...

I'm not sure how to explain carpet ball . . .

This kinda explains it: