Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Long Way From Home

I was bundling Beau up to go outside the other day: longjohns, winter socks, snow pants, mittens, hat, scarf, boots. I was struck with wonder. What was "I" doing here? I'm from the West Texas desert. Cold is below 40°!

The Christmas that I was 9, my Nanny sent us a box of presents. I excitedly opened mine and was instantly confused. I had no idea what this strange item was.

After several minute of examining the gift from every angle, I finally asked Mom. "Oh," she exclaimed, "those are ear muffs!"

"Ear what?"

"Ear muffs."

"What are they for?"

"They are for keeping your ears warm?"

"Why? Why would you need to keep your ears warm?"

I think I used them once.

Once a week, I volunteer at Beau's school in a literacy program. I have a couple of second graders who I read with. We sit in the hallway and read and play some word games.

This morning, I looked down the hall and this is what I saw:

And again, I was struck. Where I'm from, this is seasonal footwear!

I really am a long way from home.

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Karly said...

I had a pair of pink earmuffs when I was young... I got them for christmas one year. I loved them! :)

Today it is 18 degrees here! Our snow is all melted from the previous storms we had. So I am praying for snow for christmas!