Thursday, December 24, 2009

Family Traits

My grandfather was the king of yarn-spinners. Everyone, even us grandkids called him Sug because he was so sweet but he could tell a tale. Do you know that once he once drove from his home in Kansas City, Missouri to our home in Texas (a trip of 730 miles) without stopping ONCE!? Every traffic light on the way was green! Then there was the time at he was the cook at Boy Scout camp and they ran out of food so he had to go hunting. They had lion and bear and.... There is definitely a "lyin" in that story.

My mom picked up the tradition where Sug left off. She swore to her dying day that there was a crow in her neighborhood that had a 5-foot wingspan. (The common crow has a wingspan maximum of about two feet.)

So it was, that my mother was so very excited when the mantle of yarn-spinner fell on her grandson. My nephew Bryan was about 5 when we took him and his younger brother Chris on an outing in the country. We went to a blueberry patch and picked blueberries. After that we drove around and looking at scenery. We passed a side road and Bryan asked why we couldn't go down that road. My Hero was teasing him and told him it was dangerous to go down that road because there were cows that ate cars.

The story exploded from there. When we got home, Bryan ran to his Nanny and told her that he saw cows eating cars. This one cow even ate a minivan! Upon hearing the story, my mother embraced him and declared "My boy!!!"

Who knew that Bryan was right and somewhere, there really must be car-eating cows?

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Anonymous said...

You are indeed a story teller! Thank you for sharing sweet memories of family stories!