Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Honest, I write lots of posts…

… in my head!

I just haven't seem to find the time to come here and type them out.

It's not even that I live some frantically busy life either. I've just been slacking.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We went to Chicago to the McDonald's Thanksgiving Day parade. We rode the Metra into downtown and Beau had the time of his life. Then on our way back home, we stopped at Popeye's Chicken and had "Thanksgiving Dinner"! We love Popeye's and there isn't one where we live.

No, really, I made turkey and all the trimmings on Friday and we just enjoyed a quiet day. No Black Friday shopping for us. We had even DVR'd the Macy's parade so we could watch it on Friday while dinner was cooking.

It snowing and freezing here today. I need to post pictures of all our adventures, but the computer I use to do that is in the basement office and it's COLD down there today. Hopefully, I'll do that when the wind isn't blasting through the cracks.

I'm going to try to post regularly. I'm still here.

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