Friday, August 15, 2008

A Special Category

I've decided that the Mommy Olympics should have a special category for Grandmothers. There's all kinds of events that could be held in this category: "Shopping for grandchildren," "Keeping the mouth shut when you disagree with the grandchildren's parents," "Crafting for grandchildren," and "Babysitting grandchildren."

My mom should be posthumously awarded a special medal for that last event. Ten days after my mom went to heaven, my Hero and I said goodbye to Samuel Mark Cannon. The little guy surprised us. We didn't even know he existed when he made his trip to heaven a little more than 4 months after he began to take form in my womb. Through our tears, we laughed at the idea that my mom, "Nanny," couldn't even go to heaven to escape babysitting!

Right now I spend my time training for the "Figuring out what the grandson is pretending to be" event. My form needs work.


Anonymous said...

I know that my grandma would get a few gold medals in some of these categories. Keep up the great work. My wife and I are getting ready to have our first child so we have a long ways to go before we compete in the grandparent Olympics!

Terri said...

Congratulations to you and Diane!! The grandparent Olympics may be far off but the Mommy and Daddy Olympics are looming on the horizon!