Thursday, June 29, 2006

Today was fairly uneventful

I like days like that. I'm still not well. I may have to go back to the doctor tomorrow. I wake up okay but by early afternoon, my fever starts climbing again. I have a fibroid and am scheduled for a surgical procedure on July 20 to see if and how it can be removed. My womb is enlarged about 2X but I don't know if any of that has to do with the fever. I have run a fever every day for thirteen days. That's crazy. It usually tops out at about 101° which isn't horrible but it's enough to make me feel pretty sorry.

My daughter and grandson are home and actually have been since Sunday. It is nice to have the home. Peggy is home from camp. She seems to have had a good time and has talked a little bit about the sermons. She is one of those teens that you have to give some time and space before she will talk much.

All in all there wasn't much eventful today. I fixed a really good salad with grilled steak on it for dinner. The fresh veggies felt good in my tummy.

I hope tomorrow to resume posting my introductions.

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