Sunday, June 18, 2006

My heart broke this morning.

We have a little boy at our church who has been riding the van to church since he was 2. He is now 4 and is one our most faithful riders. During part of Children's Church he came in my room to play for a little bit. He took a toy bead necklace and tied his own hands behind his back and said, "I'm going to court. They're taking me to jail." I realized that he must have seen this enough that it was a game to play.

I was a bus kid. Church was the highlight of my week. At church, people weren't screaming at each other and the grown-ups acted like they cared about me. I learned that they acted that way because they loved Jesus and Jesus cared. Our churches needs to remain a place where children can feel save and find the love of Jesus.


Alyx said...

That is heartbreaking. We need to get the Good News out more than ever. =(

mrssaf said...

awwwww I know what you're saying, we see so much around here and we cannot even begin to imagine what the kids are seeing IN their homes, if that is how people are acting in public.