Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Warning: A discussion of body parts

Last night, I swatted my little Beau in jest. I said, "Hey, boy! I swatted your bootie!"

To which he indignantly responded, "Nana, don't say that word."

"What word? Bootie?"

"Yes, Nana. We don't say that word."

"Okay, then, I swatted your hiney."

"Don't say that word either."

"Alright, then I swatted your bottom."


Finally, I said, "Then what do you call this?" And I pointed at the body part in question.

He laughed and said, "That's my bootie."

Do you have funny family names for various body parts?

I will tell you a terrible story about that. It really was traumatic. My mom always referred to my private parts as my "business." This led to statements such as "my business itches."

Okay, innocent enough, I guess. But when I was five, I was playing outside and said something to one of the older children who then said a most horrifying thing. She told me to keep my nose in my own business.

I still shudder.


Starr said...

ROFLOL Terri! I think I told this on the Well, not sure. But my grandson was trying to memorize the names for all the body parts when he was around 2, I guess. He kept getting dimples and nipples mixed up. One day he was studying his Aunt Sarah's face, as she was playing w/ him and smiling at him, and he innocently said, "Aunt Sarah, I see your nipples!" ROFLOL
*he meant DIMPLES!* KIDS! You gotta love em'!

Michelle said...

That is too funny Terri!

Alesha said...

ROTFLOL!!!!! LOVED the "business" story! That is just a classic!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Judy said...

Funny! I had to laugh especially at your "business" story. I've got one, too, involving a couple little 5 year old girls...one gentile and one not quite so, but I can't tell it in full. The not so gentile tyke called me (I was 20 or so at the time) "@#&$ face, @#&$ face" and the gentile girl corrected her and said, "no! it's business face, business face!"

Children do truly "say the darndest things".

I love the nipple blunder.