Monday, March 2, 2009

No Daybook Today

I barely had a day!!! My co-worker was sick today so I covered both shifts and worked from 8 am to 7:30 pm. I was wore plum out!!

I took my Beau to preschool this morning. They are having spirit week at school and today was silly tie day. He was not amused. He announced that he didn't like silly ties and none of his friends did either. I stopped myself before tightening Sponge Bob too tight around his neck and told him he would see when we got there and be glad I made him wear it! Sure enough, he walked into the classroom and was thrilled that all his little friends had silly ties on, too.

As I was leaving, a mother was bringing her daughter into the classroom and the first words out of the mom's mouth were, "I told you all your friends would have on silly ties, too!"

I laughed all the way out to the car.

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