Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Have you ever noticed how brown and dull the first few weeks of March are in the Midwest?

The spring has it's bright daffodils and tulips. Summer brings the lush green and the roses. Summer fields are dressed in wildflowers. In Autumn, the landscape drapes itself in the red, orange, and gold of the changing leaves. Winter brings the sparkling white snow.

Not March. No flowers. No green grass. Even the evergreens have dulled. They wait.

The days are getting longer. The sunbeams are warm even when the air is cold.

It's coming.

Really, it is.

I wait. I anticipate.

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Judy said...

I'm right there with you anticipating growth, new life...the array of nature's colors that delight our senses. Spring fever is that anticipation of fresh things to favorite fever of them all.