Friday, October 24, 2008

God is moving

And sometimes we don't know how He is moving, but we know he is in control. My hero was laid off from his secular job today — the one God provided to help us pay the bills. We are certain that God will continue to provide but pray for us as we seek His guidance.


Alesha said...

Oh, wow, Terri! I'll certainly be praying for ya'll during this time.

We've been there, too. When I quit my job for us to move closer to family, neither Doug nor I had a full time job for several months.

It was hard, but God was so faithful! And, thankfully, He is always the same!

Maybe the Lord will allow you to use one of your talents to help out with the finances. Have you ever considered putting your pictures on Etsy? They are truly beautiful, and I think they would sell!

The Lord will provide. Praying for peace for you.

judy said...

Terri, I have no doubt God will supply all you and your hero need (and will throw in lots of extra blessings along the way).

It was good to see you at Apron Strings this morning. I, too, have been busy. It will be nice to see new posts over here I look at my browser.