Friday, September 25, 2009

Kindergarten Ups and Downs

Beau loves kindergarten. He's gone for five weeks and I think he's only woke up one day and wanted to stay home. That's a pretty good record.

His class has a behavior chart. It's a caterpillar that looks like this one:

All the kids start the day out with a clothespin on the green smiley segment. If they break a classroom rule, they move their clip down to the plain green section. We all deserve a second chance right. Subsequent problems move the clip on down. Yellow, orange, and red have different consequences.

Most days, Beau gets green. In fact, most days he gets "smiley-face green." But this week, he had trouble. He and a couple of other boys got in some kind of competitive tussles for a couple of days. We talked to him. My Hero went and talked to the teacher. I prayed with Beau each morning before he went to school asking Jesus to help him choose right.

And Yay!!!! Both yesterday and today, Beau came home with green. He's proud of himself and I'm thankful for the chance to watch him grow.

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