Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This and That

I haven't been on the Internet as much lately (that is a very relative term). Partly because I've been crocheting. I absolutely love the feeling of holding something in my hands that I made. I made the carrot rattle and basket for my granddaughter for Easter.

Then I bought a little something for myself. I love household thingies. I don't have an automatic dish drainer and I hated the one I had. It was so hard to keep clean. I was at Bed, Bath and Beyond and they had this one on sale. (I didn't pay near full price for it.) So far, I'm in love.

And finally, I WON!!! I won Kathy's blog giveaway. I absolutely love my Wonder Wallet, too. I am not a big purse lady, although when I get a Kindle someday, I will start carrying a bag. In the meantime, this little baby just slips right in my pocket!

Oh, and until I get my Kindle, I have the Kindle app for my iPod Touch. It's not as good as a Kindle but I still enjoy it.

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